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The E-BikeKit™ electric bike kit includes everything you need. From the USA hand-built wheel and LCD Dashboard, to the small parts, the E-BikeKit is the world's most complete electric bike kit.
  • - Wheels Built in the USA!
  • - Pedal-Assist and Throttle on Demand!
  • - Programmable LCD Dashboard!
  • - 36v and 48v Compatible!
  • - Eyeleted Double-Walled Rims
  • - 12g SS Spokes and Brass Nipples
  • - Premium Cables and Connectors
  • - Tektro E-Brake Handles
  • - Thumb and Twist Throttle in Every Kit
  • - Universal Torque Arm Included
Company Blog
  • As Seen On, The Today Show – Liberty Trike!
    Nine-year-old Maggie Monnin and her 8-year-old sister Charlie have spinal muscular atrophy, a neurodegenerative disease that can be fatal. But their smiles are a lot brighter thanks to a surprise gift from Jason Kraft, who makes motorized tricycles that are typically for senior citizens. Dylan Dreyer reports for TODAY’s series The Upside.
    2021-02-15 13:14:49
  • The TODAY Show!
    Watch the TODAY Show, this Monday, February 15th as Electric Bike Technologies will be featured on the show. The EBT founder, Jason Kraft drives from Philly to Ohio where he meets the Monnin family with a BIG surprise!
    2021-02-12 16:24:17
  • Federal Tax Incentives May Be Next For E-Bikes
    The E-BIKE Act creates a consumer tax credit that will cover 30% of the cost of the e-bike, up to a $1,500 credit. It only applies to new e-bikes that cost less than $8,000 and is fully refundable, allowing lower-income workers to claim the credit.
    2021-02-12 01:12:19
  • Wanted: Americans with Basic Mechanical Skills
    Electric Bike Technologies, cannot find workers to supply growing demand at his manufacturing center in Bristol Township.
    2020-12-22 10:21:15
  • Changing the Lives of Kids with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
    “When Allison came back from her first ride on her own, she said to me, ‘I’ve never really seen our own neighborhood before’. And I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, you’re free’.”
    2020-12-08 17:49:25
  • It's Giving Tuesday with Fox 29 News
    Today is Giving Tuesday with Fox 29 and Jason Kraft of Electric Bike Technologies.
    2020-12-03 11:54:42
  • Pandemic Spurs Demand for E-Bikes
    Electric Bike Technologies, in Bucks County have been trying to keep up with demand during the pandemic. Their big seller is DIY e-Bike kits.
    2020-10-26 11:30:18
  • Pandemic Spurs Demand for E-Bikes
    “I’m so happy, that I found you guys!” Leo told us at the shop, and everyone at E-BikeKit is more than happy that we were able to help out Leo and his family.
    2020-10-07 07:00:04
  • The ONE Podcast With Greg Gutfeld
    Electric Bike Technologies, Inc., CEO, Jason Kraft was on The ONE Podcast with Greg Gutfeld, talking about e-bikes and a new project. Jason spoke about how Electric Bike Technologies is donating 10 Liberty Trikes to children with a rare neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).   SMA is a genetic disorder that starts in the central nervous system and affects all the muscles in the body. Due to the degenerative nature...
    2020-09-10 16:29:29
  • The ONE Podcast With Greg Gutfeld
    The Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) has been so helpful with her recovery because Shirley can adjust how much assistance she needs when pedaling.
    2020-03-20 10:04:00
  • Something BIG is Happening! ⚡🚲
    Be the first to find out by subscribing today. We will send you an email right before we open! Ready. Set. Ride. #electricbiketech #getinspired #ebt #ebike #ebikes #electricbike #bike #bicycle #somethingBIGishappening #ReadySetRide
    2019-06-13 11:18:00
  • All about PAS Sensors
    There are many new standards for bicycle cranksets. If you're unsure about your pedal-assist setup, read-on!
    2019-03-28 13:47:00
  • Caring for Your Electric Bike or Trike this Winter
    As the weather begins to drop and the snow starts to fall, it is increasingly important to know how to properly care for your electric bike and its Lithium-ion battery. It may be possible for some people to ride their bikes during the winter months, while others must pack them away until the warmer weather returns. Whether you plan to ride in the cold and snow or if you decide to...
    2019-01-31 10:49:00
  • E-BikeKit Converts a Sun Seeker Fat-Tad Recumbent Trike
    The Electric Fat-Tad Recumbent Trike is built regularly for customers of by Electric Bike Technologies in Croydon, PA. If you have a Sunseeker Fat Tad and wish to convert it on your own, the following may help. If you would like to purchase the kit and add-ons used in this conversion, you can now purchase a kit special for your Fat-Tad from us online here, or by calling us at 866.882.3245 Monday - Friday, 9...
    2018-10-24 16:45:00
  • Converting a Catrike Expedition With an E-BikeKit™
    Catrike Expedition converted with a 26" Performance E-BikeKit This Catrike Expedition was a custom conversion done at Electric Bike Technologies in Croydon, PA. If you have a Catrike Expedition and wish to convert it on your own, the following may help. If you would like to purchase the kit and add-ons used in this conversion, you can now purchase a kit special for your Catrike from us online here, or by...
    2018-10-19 11:19:00
  • All About Tim Sway and UpTriCycle
    This Saturday, Oct. 7, Tim Sway will showcase his “UpTriCycle” at the Greater Hartford Mini Maker Faire. Sway calls the UpTricycle an “off grid, electric, solar charging mobile maker space and carrier for upcycling makers.” He uses minimal tools and footprints in his creation for unlimited potential. On his YouTube page, Sway made a comparison video between a gas-powered trike and an electric trike. He purchased a gas-powered trike first,...
    2017-10-04 16:37:00
  • Electric Bike Conversion Kits at Burning Man
    For those who may be unfamiliar, Burning Man is an annual gathering in the Black Rock Desert of Black Rock City, Nevada. The event, which began in 1986, spans from the last Sunday in August to the first Monday in September. There are no corporate sponsorships, advertisements, or entertainment at the event. Individual participation is what's key to making the event special and memorable. Although the participants are given a...
    2017-09-25 15:35:00
  • The Inspiring and Creative E-BikeKit Owner's Group
    The new Electric Bike Kit Owners group on Facebook has taken off within the first week of its creation. Around 400 people have joined the online group with new members being added every day. E-bike riders are sharing the various ways that they have converted their bikes using the E-BikeKit Complete Electric Bike Conversion System. Each one of the electric bike conversions is more unique than the next. Some e-bike...
    2017-09-15 11:40:00
  • What's the difference Between a $200 Kit and Our Kits?
    MOTOR: We have a blog post showing some motor differences, click here to read it. Cabling is probably the #1 issue when something goes wrong. Good connectors, good cables, and good assembly (bike shop!) are crucial Strain reliefs on all cable joints! Where you have a junction box or a connector, the stress is concentrated over a small area near this stiff spot on the cable. This can cause small...
    2017-01-20 10:23:00
  • Electric Bike Batteries Explained
    Written by Gaston Daigle. Gaston is an admin and key contributor at the popular Endless Sphere Technology Forum Batteries and battery packs, the lifeblood of your electric bicycle Plug and play?... not always that easy and certainly not very simple for most of us.. or is it? A good Lithium battery pack can cost as much, and often even more than the rest of your electric bike kit. Picking the right...
    2016-12-26 13:29:00
  • Custom Wheels - Sun Bikes Fat Tad
    We Can Build It.   Built by hand in Pennsylvania, mostly by Harry and Alec. Custom Wheelbuilding Some people don't know that we build every one of our wheels here by hand in Pennsylvania. This lets us control each step of the process, ensuring that the spokes are uniform, straight, and undamaged, allowing us to apply spoke-prep to the spokes, oil to the nipple seats, and inspect the rims before...
    2016-09-06 04:00:00
  • Electric Bike Parts, What Fits My Older Electric Bike?
    Hardly a day goes by without a call that goes about like this; "I have a (whatever) electric bike that I used to ride 6 years ago. Now I need a new battery, or some other part". Too often the vendor it was bought from is long gone, and often enough, the entire brand is history.
    2016-09-06 03:50:00
  • It's What's Inside (your motor) that Counts
    It's what's inside your motor that sets it apart from the rest. Quality parts and assembly We've written here before about how to choose a motor, the different types of motors, the performance differences between motors, etc. But today I want to show you what makes our motors different from other hub motors. Today, harry is replacing the axle on a customer's direct-drive motor. The bike was crashed and the...
    2016-09-06 03:40:00
  • BattleBot Uses Electric Bike Technologies Hub Motors!
    BattleBots legend Christian Carlberg and his company C2 Robotics are using Electric Bike Technologies direct drive hub motors to power 'OverDrive', their latest BattleBot on ABC!
    2016-09-06 03:35:00
  • Electric Cargo Bikes - A Nice Way to Get Around!
    Forward-thinking parents are giving up thier SUVs and opting for electric cargo bikes for getting the family around. Cargo bikes are seeing a resurgence in popularity with the rise of electric conversion systems that convert these awesome people movers into family toting electric vehicles. One year ago the Wall Street Journal ran a full page article in their weekend edition entitled The New Station Wagon. Since then the trend for...
    2016-09-06 03:30:00
  • The Greatest Generation - Seniors lead the way to E-Bikes
    Older Americans, especially those 65+ are the real drivers of electric bike adoption in the United States. Betty and Grady Smith of Beaumont Texas may not know it but they are the driving demographic for electric bicycles and  tricycles. Both in thier eighties, the couple enjoys riding thier Worksman electric side-by-side tricycle around town. As a business offering electric bike and trike conversion systems since 2008, we've gotten to know...
    2016-09-06 03:25:00
  • Dad Builds E-Stroller for Special Needs Daughter
    A letter from Casey Evans to Electric Bike Technologies, makers of the E-BikeKit™ electric bike conversion kit system. This one of kind adaptive electric stroller was designed by students from California State University-Sacramento using two 500w direct-drive hub motors controlled by a single E-BikeKit system. Thank you for enabling me to take my daughter hiking! My name is Casey Evans and my daughter, Montel, was born with a very rare...
    2016-09-06 03:20:00
  • The Ultimate Guide to E-BikeKit Hub Motors
    This article first appeared in Electric Bike Report in June of 2013. Since then, we’ve made some changes to our motor selection - our Direct-Drive motors are now all High-Torque 6x9 wound, so they run slower (approximately 15mph at 36v or 20mph at 48v), and our Geared Motors have been replaced by a 500w version, (approximately 20mph at 36v or 28mph at 48v). The Direct-Drive is now our Heavy-Duty motor and the...
    2016-09-06 03:15:00
  • The Ultimate Guide to E-BikeKit Hub Motors
    In response to customer questions about the display, we posted a video detailing the basic setup of the LCD during installation of the kit. You will need to adjust the settings for the motor type, wheel size, and battery voltage in order to match your specific kit.
    2016-09-06 03:11:00
  • How to convert a TerraTrike recumbent tricycle to electric
    TerraTrikes make great electric recumbent trikes. Here are a few how to tips for converting the Rover and Rambler models, specifically with internally geared hubs. The TerraTrike Rover and the rambler models both are offered with internally geared hubs. It is possible to convert the trike to external gearing, but you will probably want the help of a bike shop that is familiar with recumbents. For a good bike shop,...
    2016-09-06 03:10:00
  • Electric Bike Motor Introduction
    In the geared motor, a small and lightweight motor spins very fast inside. The electric bike motor then uses a planetary reduction gear inside the motor to reduce the rpm to the correct speed for a bike wheel. Electric Bike Motor An electric bike motor on an electric bike can be any kind of electric motor. There have been some very creative home brew e bikes that used any motor...
    2016-09-06 03:00:00
  • Electric Bikes Are Now Legal on Pennsylvania Roadways!
    Electric Bikes Are Now Legal on Pennsylvania Roadways! Breaking News... According to the Bicycle Access Council of PA in their November 2014 News and Digest, Electric-Assist bicycles are now legal on Pennsylvania roadways as part of Act 154. "Electric-Assist bicycles are now legal on Pennsylvania roadways as part of Act 154. In a convoluted way since first introduced in 2010, a last minute amendment was introduced by Representative Kevin Schreiber (D-95) with...
    2016-09-06 02:55:00
  • E-BikeKit™ Hub Motors
    There are two main types of motor to suit different riding styles. The durable, "heavy duty" Direct-Drive motor, and the lightweight, efficient and fast "performance" geared motor. Electric Bike Motors, hub motors in particular, and electric bike batteries are what make electric bicycles go. Using a hand throttle you control the flow of electric current from the battery to the brushless motor. With an intelligent 20 Amp controller regulating the...
    2016-09-06 02:48:00
  • Shell Eco-Marathon 2015 - E-BikeKit™ Wins 4 Years In a Row!
    Shell Eco-Marathon Americas Competition 2015 1st and 2nd Place Winners Both Used an Electric Bike Technologies Hub Motor! The Mater Dei Supermileage 3 Team of Mater Dei High School, in Evansville, Ind., took the top spot in the Battery-Electric Prototype category. The team built a vehicle using an electric bike motor from Electric Bike Technologies USA and won the electric plug in class at the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. They...
    2016-09-06 02:42:00
  • E-BikeKit Has Moved to a New Location
    This past July 1st we moved our location to Croydon, PA and doubled our space. Additionally we're looking to hire at least 2 additional employees! This is all to support our expanding conversion kit business and to support some new business we have planned starting in September (more to come on that soon).  
    2016-09-06 02:40:00
  • GM uses E-BikeKit hub motors at the Pan American Games!
    Adam Boesel, inventor of the UpCycle Ecocharger, is using Electric Bike Tech hub motors and working with GM and Chevrolet to build bicycle generators featured at the 2015 Pan Amercian Games!   Adam Boesel is using Electric Bike Technologies hub motors on bicycles that generate electricity! Now General Motors has taken his idea to the 2015 Pan American Games and is using them to show people how PLAY can literally...
    2016-09-06 02:37:00
  • Cape Fear College Students Build Their Own e-Bikes
    “This project gives the students the experience of creating a cost-effective, hands-on, practical engineering project on a limited budget and on a deadline, which is what they should expect to face in the workplace after graduation,” Hendrickson said.
    2016-09-06 02:25:00
  • Cape Fear College Students Build Their Own e-Bikes
    Over the years our lineup has grown, and as a result, the offering has become more complicated than it needs to be. Specifically, this year we introduced a 500w geared motor option to the lineup and that has created some redundancy. Before outlining changes, we would like to ensure everyone that we will be stocking enough inventory of previously sold parts for a long enough time to ensure all warranties...
    2016-09-06 02:23:00
  • Fat Electric Trike from Sun and E-BikeKit™ at Interbike 2014
    Fat E-Trike from Sun and E-BikeKit™ at Interbike 2014 Fat bikes and electric bikes were all the rage this year at interbike in Las Vegas. It seemed almost every bike vendor at the show has at least one fat bike model in their booth this year. On top of the fats were the electric bikes. And I think it goes without saying that nobody wants to actually pedal a fat...
    2016-09-05 06:10:00
  • Shell Eco-Marathon Competition 2014 - E-BikeKit Wins!
    The Mater Dei Supermileage Team of Mater Dei High School, in Evansville, Ind., took the top spot in the Prototype category. The team built a vehicle using an electric bike motor from Electric Bike Technologies USA and won the electric
    2016-09-05 02:13:00
  • J&B Importers Offers the E-BikeKit™ and E-TrikeKit™
    Of the partnership, Electric Bike Technologies CEO Jason Kraft said, “This is a significant endorsement for electric bike conversion in the US market and a momentous opportunity for our company. We’ve been hard at work since 2008 developing what we know to be the best value in electric bike conversion kits and to have that recognized by J&B is a real honor.”
    2016-08-31 08:25:00
  • UpCycle Eco-Charger - A Powerful Bicycle Generator
    The UpCycle Eco-Charger is a Powerful Bicycle Generator that Utilizes an E-BikeKit™ Hub Motor and Empowers You to Generate Your Own Electricity!   The UpCycle Eco-Charger was created by Adam Boesel, the founder of The Green Microgym Say goodbye to worrying about environmental disasters and hello to making the world a better place. The UpCycle Eco-Charger is the most efficient, reliable, and powerful bicycle generator ever. Over the past two...
    2016-08-31 08:20:00
  • Ciara Shares Her Inspiring E-BikeKit™ Experience
    I have cerebral palsy and have used a powerchair since I was three.... About a year and a half ago I applied for a grant from the Challenged Athlete Foundation for a handcycle. While I was waiting for letters to go out I worked out at the gym. I was talking to my trainer about handcycles. I explained that because all of the weight was behind the drive wheel in...
    2016-08-31 08:15:00
  • Police use E-BikeKit™ Conversion Kit for Patrol E-Bikes
    Upper Dublin Township in Pennsylvania is initiating a pilot project to gauge the advantages of using electric bicycles. The e-bike, as they are more commonly known, will be used for police work and for the Township’s Sitewatch program, which patrols and monitors parkland and playing fields. The people behind the program believe the electric bike could prove to be a useful tool, giving police officers and parks personnel a clean,...
    2016-08-31 08:07:00
  • Duke University Using E-BikeKit™ for Shell Eco-Marathon
    Duke Eco-Marathon Team using an Electric Bike Technologies hub motor for the 2014 Shell Eco-marathon. The E-BikeKit motor provides optimal space saving because it does not require a chain (this makes it great for converting road bicycles to electric bicycles, which is what it is designed to do) but we hope to determine if it provides us with a better overall vehicle efficiency than our outboard motor.
    2016-08-31 08:05:00
  • Duke University Using E-BikeKit™ for Shell Eco-Marathon
    Alec wants your wheels to be strong and true when they leave our doors, and a well-built wheel will stay that way for years.  Alec would rather be outdoors, but he comes in to E-BikeKit each day to make sure that you’ve got what you need to make your own outdoor adventures happen. A day when Alec can keep you rolling down the road and enjoying your bike is a...
    2016-08-29 14:02:00
  • Duke University Using E-BikeKit™ for Shell Eco-Marathon
    “As an eco-friendly consumer and a baby boomer myself I know the value of the electric bike for those in my generation. Growing the company through the education and expansion of our authorized dealer network and a focus on boomers like myself are what I see as keys for successful growth.
    2016-08-29 06:26:00
  • Duke University Using E-BikeKit™ for Shell Eco-Marathon
    Mike is a partner and adviser to Electric Bike Technologies. Mike has been a professional investor and salesperson in the financial sector for the past 20 years. “It’s a great space to be in and and I believe there is a lot of upside potential”
    2016-08-29 06:24:00
  • Duke University Using E-BikeKit™ for Shell Eco-Marathon
    Glenn is in charge of all wheel building activities at E-BikeKit and oversees quality control on wheels built in the Newportville, PA location. Since joining E-BikeKit in early 2010 Glenn has had a huge impact on the success of the company.
    2016-08-29 06:19:00
  • Duke University Using E-BikeKit™ for Shell Eco-Marathon
    Mark believes that individual consumers can make a difference in the world with the choices they make. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are three words Mark uses to guide his own lifestyle decisions and is part of the reason he is excited to be part of the E-BikeKit organization.
    2016-08-29 06:17:00

Electric bike kits are a great way to convert your conventional bicycle into an electric bike.

Installing an electric bike kit is easy to do, can be done in just an hour or so, and can last for many years if done right initially. Deciding on the right electric bike conversion kit, the one that suits your riding style and your bike best, is the most important decision you’ll make during this process. Good news... you’ve come to the right place!

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Electric Bike Conversion Kits are prepackaged sets of components designed to fit on a normal bike and convert it into an Electric Bike. These kits make it easier for end-users to find compatible, functioning parts and purchase them all together. A kit can range from a complete system that includes all the small parts you need to DIY kits that include only a few parts and leave the rest up to the user.

Buy this E-BikeKit to convert your bike

Electric Bike Technologies has been delivering the best experience in electric bike kit conversion since the company was founded in 2008. Driven by a respected founder and a team of dedicated electric bike enthusiasts, the E-BikeKit™ electric bike conversion systems have been sold worldwide to thousands of electric bike riders and fostered partnerships with some of the best brands in the bicycle industry. The company has been featured on NBC’s Good Morning America and the E-BikeKit system is the only electric bike kit system distributed by J&B Importers, the largest bicycle distributor in the United States.

So… Welcome to We’re glad you’re here and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your electric bike kit business. We recommend you do your research before buying your electric bike kit. Please look at E-BikeKit reviews from real customers, browse the web and social media pages and pick up the phone to give us a call to speak with our staff. Rest assured when you decide to buy, with the E-BikeKit, you’ll be purchasing the best quality electric bike kits and batteries, and more importantly, you’ll be purchasing from a true industry leader with a proven record of personal service.

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