E-BikeKit Converts a Sun Seeker Fat-Tad Recumbent Trike
The Electric Fat-Tad Recumbent Trike is built regularly for customers of www.ElectricTrike.com by Electric Bike Technologies in Croydon, PA.

If you have a Sunseeker Fat Tad and wish to convert it on your own, the following may help. If you would like to purchase the kit and add-ons used in this conversion, you can now purchase a kit special for your Fat-Tad from us online here, or by calling us at 866.882.3245 Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm EST.
Special Considerations:
The LCD is mounted onto the vertical handlebars with a Topeak BarXtender.
Fat Tad Top          fat tad top

Locking e-brake handles were installed on both sides (must ask for these when ordering - in notes for online order or by calling in). A thumb throttle was used in this conversion as shown. The configuration of controls are many as we have done all right-sided and all left-sided controls and have used double-brake levers in cases where one hand or the other were not able to pull the brake handle.

fat tad brake thumb

You'll need a rack for the battery.  We use an Axiom rack (not included in kit) if we're doing a bag battery. For the 48v 10Ah li-ion battery in aluminum sliding case, we use the double-tiered rear rack.

Battery Option Overview:
When using the Axiom racks we add a Fat Tad Rack to Frame mounting bracket and screws. (not included with the kit - available by request).
Fat Tad Rack

We added the torque arm assembly.
fat tad torque
There are two tires options available with for Fat-Tads. The default is knobby tires; they are very soft and meant for anything other than hard road riding. For road riding you would want to get the slicks. here's a video to explain further.

Slick vs. Knobby Tires:
Final Note:PAS EXTENSION - 3 PIN DIN is necessary for the Fat-Tad and for most conversion projects of recumbent tricycles. This is not included with the kit. Please add to notes or call in to order to ensure you have everything you need for your Fat-Tad conversion.

Questions on this or any other conversion project you're considering with an E-BikeKit conversion kit system? E-mail support@ebikekit.com or call us at+1-866-882-3245
Electric Fat-Tad on the trailsElectric Fat-Tad at Burning Man
Electric Fat-Tad rider Dan EElectric Fat-Tad on the Delaware River