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Read these top 25 most asked questions and you'll have a solid understanding of the E-BikeKit™ and E-TrikeKit™ electric bike conversion kits.
How fast?
How far?
How much?
Is it in stock and when can I get it?
How much is shipping?
Do you ship internationally?
Will this work on my bike?
Can I use a 7-speed rear wheel on my 8-speed bike?
Which motor should I choose?
What is the difference between Li-Ion (lithium Ion) batteries and Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries?
Does a direct-drive motor have drag?
Does it charge while riding?
Is it safe to ride in the rain?
What wheel size do I choose and does the kit include a tire?
What is the difference between the E-BikeKit™ and the E-TrikeKit™?
If I buy a lead-acid battery now, can I upgrade to lithium later?
How long does it take to charge?
Are the cables long enough for tandem, trike, cargo bike, etc.?
Will it take me up hills?
Where is it made?
What's Up with WATTS?
What kind of throttle does it have?
Can I use my own battery?
Can I use my original rim?
Is there anything else I need to know?
I love my E-BikeKit™. Can I become a reseller?
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