EBikeKit Conversion Kits Will Turn Any Regular Bicycle Into A Pedal-Assist Ride

There's no shortage of e-bikes to there, whether you need an electric bike for daily commutes, hauling cargo or weekend adventures. They've become extremely popular for good reason with their ideal combination of size, range, and sustainability. Not only can an e-bike cover most city commutes, they do it while getting you to your destination faster than a regular bike, letting you get some exercise, and sparing you from having to pay premium for gas. With this increasing popularity, they have also become  (somewhat) more affordable.

Of course, the most affordable electric bicycle will still be the bike that you already own. You know… that thing you’ve got mounted somewhere in the garage that you take out once in a while. All you need is to add a motor and that becomes a full-fledged e-bike that can provide some pedal-assistance to propel you faster while easing the burden on your legs.

Yes, you can turn most regular bicycles into battery-powered motorized e-bikes. And our conversion kits to let you do just that.

Which Motor Do I Choose?

The two types of electric bike hub motors offered by E-BikeKit are "geared"(uses an internal gear cluster) and "direct-drive"(uses two sets of rare-earth magnets).

A common misconception is that "geared" motors interact with your bikes gearing, this is NOT the case. "Geared" motors are called geared motors simply because they have an internal gear cluster. there is no shifting or relation to the rear gear cluster of sprockets on your bike.

Each motor has unique properties that may be more suitable for you. Choosing the best option for you will depend on your riding style.


If your total load is under 300lbs (total load with rider and gear) and plan on pedaling more than using the battery, and you want your bike to remain more of a conventional bicycle, then the 500w geared "performance" motor is likely your best choice of hub motor.

If your total load is over 300lbs and you plan on using the battery more, or you desire a higher top speed and more power, then the 500w direct-drive "heavy duty" motor is likely your best choice of hub motor. These motors are "puller" motors, and run at lower speeds and higher torque ratings than other motors, so be aware that you will get 15MPH top speed at 36 volt or 20MPH top speed at 48v.


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