Why You Should Electrify Your Bike or Trike



Have a traditional bike (or trike) you love but have been wanting to give it some electrical juice? At first thought, you could be deciding between kit and pre-built but what the deciding factor for many boils down to is: budget. Conversion kits are cheaper than e-bikes, if you already have a solid bike. This is what makes conversion systems so appealing.

So you're leaning more towards a bike conversion system? Great! Let's dive deeper now into why going electric is, well, awesome...

Kurt installed an e-bike conversion system on his Sun EX 3 recumbent trike 

First off, electric bikes can help you do more and go farther than you ever thought possible. And they’re a blast to ride! Here's some insight into ebiking:

1. Assisted biking

The obvious - which many of you already know - is that e-bikes have what they call battery-powered “pedal assist.” Technically, this is a machine integrated within the bike to give your pedaling a boost. This can reduce stress and impact on your knees and thighs. Say goodbye to sweaty rides.

2. Fast and flexible

The technology gives you the extra oomph you need to cover miles of distance with little effort. You can also still take advantage of the multi-purpose cycle lane and paths that are traffic-free, brilliant if you’re living in a city to slash your commute time.  These are getting more and more popular in cities as governments and councils urge people to give up their car. 
E-bikes will also give you more control of your bike. You can speed up when you need to get out of a tough spot or slow down when you approach a crosswalk or a turn. You'll also be able to keep up with the flow of traffic better on an e-bike than you would be able to on a regular bike.

3. Improve fitness

According to a study of scientists at Switzerland's University of Basel, riding an e-bike is just as good as regular bikes at improving fitness. Although cycling with an e-bike is pedal assisted, it's still an exercise after all and therefore good for your health, both mentally and physically. 

4. Cut back expenses

And we mean this in more than one way...

If you decide to use a solid traditional bike you already own, purchasing a bike conversion system vs a brand new e-bike could cut costs right there.

On top of that, if you decide to utilize your e-bike to cut back on car rides, you'll be saving a good deal of money on gas as prices increase or remain stagnantly high. 

 5. They're great for crosswinds and headwinds

Having a motor to back you up also means that e-bikes are great for tackling that other great adversary nature throws up for cyclists – the wind.

Gusts are all well and good when they’re behind you but when they’re buffeting you from the side or pushing against you from the front, they can ruin your fun and can even be potentially dangerous.

By increasing the amount of power your motor kicks out, though, you can do a fair bit to stifle both crosswinds and headwinds.

6. They're simply huge fun to ride

Yes, riding an e-bike is similar to riding a regular bike, but once you engage the motor, you’ll find that every time you push on the pedals – depending on the setting you’re using – you’ll get three, four, five or maybe even as much as 10 pedal strokes more for your money.


So what are you waiting for? Join the e-biking community and find out for yourself why you'll grow to love yours. You can purchase our Bicycle Kits or Tricycle Kits at your closest Bike Dealer. Search for one here.


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