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So, you’ve heard a lot about electric bikes, have observed recent trends and you want in. Perhaps you stumbled upon an article raving about e-bikes and their rising popularity. First and foremost, you need to decide on the product type: e-conversion kit for your existing bike, or a brand new e-bike.

In order to get the best electric bike for your needs, you should consider the following six points and see how they apply to your situation.

1) Do you have a good bike?

If you already have a bicycle that’s been reliable and is still in good shape, you don’t need to buy a new e-bike. You can convert your existing bicycle to an e-bike using a conversion kit. 

To be converted, your pedal bike should be in good working order. It will need a sturdy frame and solid brakes which can stop you at higher speeds. As standard practice, the tires should be properly inflated and have some good tread on them so that you can ride safely.

When you locate the closest bike dealer, you can ask them questions about your existing bike. 

2) Do you have limited space?

If you only have space for one bike and want to keep your current bicycle, converting it into an e-bike saves you having to give it up. The conversion kit adds a little weight but your converted e-bike will take up the same amount of space.

3) Do you have special requirements?

You might choose a conversion kit if you have a special requirement you can’t find off-the-shelf. This could be bicycle configuration, frame, geometry or an electric assist performance you cannot find in a standard e-bike. Normally this is the only solution for niche market products such as adult trikes, recumbent trikes, adaptive bikes or trikes. With the conversion kit, you can set it up yourself or see a bike mechanic for extra support.

Electric Bike

Your personality type and how you approach buying something new may play a role in an e-bike purchase. This isn’t a Meyer Briggs testing quiz or anything to do with astrology, just an observation. It’s also easy to answer. Ask these questions:

  • Would you rather do it yourself, put in the research and get exactly what you want for less money, but more time spent?
  • Or, would you rather take a look at a few reviews, find a complete product that fits your cycling requirements and is delivered brand new, finished – a little more expensive but less trouble for you

4) Do you want a customized performance?

Having a converted bike makes it easier to upgrade your e-bike with new accessories. Having the bare frame means that after the battery and electrical system are installed, you can add whatever you want to improve the bike’s performance. Your existing bike may also be lighter or have a frame and tire size that suits your needs where an off-the-shelf e-bike might not.

5) Do you want to save a few hundred bucks?

Your choice between kit and pre-built could come down to budget. Conversion kits are cheaper than e-bikes, if you already have a solid bicycle. We have an electric bike lineup to fit most needs and wants, if you're looking to go that route—the average running bout $2,500. On the other hand, our E-BikeKits will start at $1,224. You're saving a good $1,000.

Are e-bikes expensive? Yes. But when you offset the cost you save in gas and commuting fees over time, as well as the amount of fun they are, their benefits to your health and the planet, they’re a worthy investment. 


Bike Conversion Kits

When going the kit route, what you’re looking for is a solid, hassle-free conversion kit which offers maximum street legal performance and a solid range. For example, here are the specs for our Performance E-BIKEKIT Lithium - Rear Wheel conversion system:

System Specs:
Watts: Nominal 500 w/ 1000w [VIDEO]Top Speed: Approx. 26" = 26 mph / 700c = 27 mph / 24" = 24 mph / 20" = 20 mphRange: 48v 9Ah = 9-18 miles / 48v 10Ah = 10-20 miles / 48v 14Ah = 14-28 miles / 48v 20Ah = 20-40 milesCharge Time: 3-6 hrs (from 0-100% and depending on battery size (Ah))Load Limit: 300 lbs max load (Based on rider weight, input and terrain contingent)


6) Do you have a non-functional e-bike?

You can use a conversion kit to bring a broken e-bike back to working condition, potentially at a lower cost than having repairs made. Conversion kits include a hub motor kit, and electrical system and a battery pack; the base components to turn a regular pedal bike into an electric rising machine. 

We hope these tips have helped you make a decision on whether to choose an e-bike or kit. We'll leave you with a glimpse of reviews:


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