Electric Cargo Bikes - A Nice Way to Get Around!

Forward-thinking parents are giving up thier SUVs and opting for electric cargo bikes for getting the family around.


Madsen cargo bike

Cargo bikes are seeing a resurgence in popularity with the rise of electric conversion systems that convert these awesome people movers into family toting electric vehicles.

One year ago the Wall Street Journal ran a full page article in their weekend edition entitled The New Station Wagon. Since then the trend for electric cargo bikes has continued upwards with people across the country discovering the benefits of hauling families and transporting heavy loads.

From New York to Oregon parents are discovering that biking with children doesn't have to be difficult and with an electrified cargo bike this kind of transportation is no longer limited by the riders physical ability. Cargo bikes can comfortably and safely carry 400+ pounds and there are many adaptations and a variety of products designed specifically for carrying young children.

Xtracycle, Madsen, Yuba and Surly are some of the most popular brands of cargo bikes in the US. And more and more bike dealers are stocking cargo bikes. The best shops are experienced with the cargo bike lifestyle and carry many of the best accessories associated with the cargo bike lifestyle.

Blue Monkey Bicycles , Bend Electric Bikes, Philly Electric Wheels and The EBikeStore are among the countries best electric bicycle shops specializing in the conversion of electric cargo bikes. Could you use an electric cargo bike for that short trip to the grocery store or to drop off the kids at school? Think about it.


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