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Built by hand in Pennsylvania, mostly by Harry and Alec.

Custom Wheelbuilding

Some people don't know that we build every one of our wheels here by hand in Pennsylvania. This lets us control each step of the process, ensuring that the spokes are uniform, straight, and undamaged, allowing us to apply spoke-prep to the spokes, oil to the nipple seats, and inspect the rims before we use them. We get the tension, dish, lateral and radial trueness dialed in to our standards and know it's a good wheel before it goes out the door.

It also means that we can accomodate a wide variety of custom requests, since we're building the wheel anyway, you're not limited to what is available "off the shelf."

We recently got a request from a bike shop to outfit a new Sun Cycles "Fat-Tad" bike. This is a new 20x4" tired recumbent tadpole tricycle, and it looks really sweet.

Stator spacers bamboo

The Fat-Tad


It takes extra time and care to build a custom wheel, but the result is pretty cool. We have experience doing a wide variety of "Fat Wheels' for various customers. Below is a picture of the Fat Tad wheel and a Schwinn Chopper wheel.


wire sealed

The custom Fat Tad wheel - 20"x4" 190mm OLD rear direct drive.

wire not sealed

Another recent custom wheel, 24"x4" for a Schwinn Chopper.