Electric Bike Technologies: Why Building in America Matters

What's the difference between BUILT in America and MADE in America?

Are you an EBike Kit owner looking to understand the benefits of how our EBike Kit wheels are built in-house versus overseas? Look no further than Jason Kraft's informative video on the topic:

Kraft, a passionate electric bike builder and entrepreneur, outlines the key reasons why he chooses to build his eBikes and eTrikes in America and how it differentiates when it's made in America. First and foremost, he values the quality control and craftsmanship that comes with laboring domestically. As Jason mentions, it's nearly impossible to make all parts here in the USA for many reasons...but that doesn't mean it can't be built on US grounds. By sourcing what the bikes and trikes need from overseas and building them in-house in Croydon, PA, EBT is able to ensure that every aspect of its bikes and trikes meets high standards for performance and durability.


In addition to quality, we value the importance of supporting American businesses and workers. By investing in small businesses and manufacturers, he is able to contribute to the economy and help create jobs in his community. This is especially important in the current economic climate, where many businesses are struggling due to inflation and post-pandemic trauma.

In conclusion, whether you're an EBike Kit owner or simply interested in the benefits of building bikes in America, Jason's informative video is a must-watch. By choosing to support local businesses and workers, prioritizing quality and customization, and avoiding logistical challenges, Kraft is proving that building electric bikes in America is not only possible, but desirable. When it comes to our EBike Kits, specifically, the parts are sourced elsewhere but we build the wheels in house.


Check out Electric Bike Technologies and their selection of built in USA electric bikes and trike today: