Winter Care and Maintenance for your electric bike or trike

Winter is here, and it's time to make sure your electric ride is ready for the colder weather ahead. Whether you're new to the world of electric bikes and trikes or a seasoned veteran, these essential care tips will help ensure your vehicle continues to perform at its best throughout the chilly season.

Winter Care Essentials for Your Electric Ride

To keep your electric bike or trike in top condition during winter, we've put together essential maintenance tips. Following these suggestions will not only prolong the life of your ride but also guarantee an enjoyable and safe experience, no matter the temperature.


TEMPERATURE AWARENESS – Try to avoid using your electric bike or trike in temperatures below freezing. Cold weather can significantly reduce battery efficiency. If it's particularly cold, it's best to remove the battery and store it in a warmer place after cleaning the terminals and connection points gently.

CHARGING SAFETY – Dry your hands before handling the charger to eliminate electrical risks. After fully charging the battery, disconnect it right away. Never leave the battery charging overnight or without supervision.

PROPER CHARGING – Always use the charger that came with your electric bike or trike. Charge your lithium-ion battery at a comfortable room temperature and allow the battery to cool down after a ride before charging. If the battery has been in the cold, let it warm up indoors for a couple of hours before charging.

PREVENT OVERHEATING – Keep the charger uncovered during use to avoid overheating and potential risks.

SAFETY MEASURES – Should you detect any strange odors or see smoke during charging, stop immediately and seek professional assistance.



REGULAR CLEANING – Wipe down your electric bike or trike with a moist cloth to eliminate dirt, then dry it completely.

WEATHER PROTECTION – Use a cover to safeguard your electric bike or trike, ensuring it's tightly secured against wind and rain.

INDOOR STORAGE – The best protection from the elements is to store your electric bike or trike indoors, safe from extreme temperatures and damp conditions.

TIRE MAINTENANCE – Keep an eye on tire pressure during cold weather, as tires tend to lose pressure. Adjust as needed and refer to the tire sidewall for proper PSI levels.

BATTERY STORAGE – If you're not planning to use your electric bike or trike for an extended period, store the battery indoors and maintain an 80% charge to prevent damage. Charge it to full capacity every sixty days to avoid deep discharge issues.


By following these tips, you're all set for a delightful winter riding experience. For comprehensive information, our Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Guidelines are available for your perusal and download here.

Also, our instructional video "Electric Bike Technologies | Lithium-ion Battery Safety Guidelines" provides a visual guide to these tips and can be viewed here.

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