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Catrike Expedition converted with a 26" Performance E-BikeKit

This Catrike Expedition was a custom conversion done at Electric Bike Technologies in Croydon, PA.

If you have a Catrike Expedition and wish to convert it on your own, the following may help. If you would like to purchase the kit and add-ons used in this conversion, you can now purchase a kit special for your Catrike from us online here, or by calling us up - we'll include extras to make the conversion go as smoothly as possible! you can order them from our online shop or call us at 866.882.3245 M-F 9am-5pm EST.



It has a 9-speed freewheel.

Rear E-BikeKit Geared Hub Motor with 9-speed freewheel


The LCD is mounted onto the vertical handlebars with a Topeak BarXtender.

E-BikeKit LCD Dashboard mounted with Topeak bar Extender


PAS extension cable was necessary for the pedal assist sensor (an add-on not included in kits).

E-BikeKit - PAS Sensor


You'll notice we used a thumb throttle on the right-side steering bar and for this we used a part we don't offer which is a bicycle "bar end". The one we used here was cut to shorten it, and it's a more expensive brand, but if you want a less costly one, you can find them on Amazon. The diameter should be 22.2mm and J&B Importers has them also; part #33897 (most local bike shops can order them using that).

Bar Extender to mount throttle


Locking e-brake handles were installed on both sides (must ask for these when ordering - in notes for online order or by calling in).

Locking e-brake handle from E-BikeKitLocking e-brake handle from E-BikeKit


The rack on here was on when the bike came in. The battery is in the bag and secured using the bag's Velcro straps.


Here's a view from the cockpit.

Electric Catrike - View from the cockpit


This is the Conversion Kit System with options chosen for this particular Catrike conversion.

Performance Geared Hub Motor E-BikeKit