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While new, reliable data on the size of the domestic e-bike conversion market is scant, retailers and suppliers say sales are booming. So many consumers are looking to cut costs by opting out of purchasing brand a new electric bike and going for conversion kits instead.

So why become an E-Bike Kit Dealer? Here are some key benefits:

Dealer Level Pricing
Branded Dropshipping
 Fast shipping
Full Product Liability Coverage
Dealer Map Inclusion/Referrals

E-BikeKit Dealer










Here's an example of a customer praising their local bike shop (Queen City Bicycles):

"We ultimately got hooked up with Bart Stettler of Queen City Bicycles. I can see why Bart is one of your dealer reps. He is easy to work with, passionate about his work, and very reliable.

Bart picked up Nicholas’s trike and completed the conversion in a timely manner. He delivered the final product last Thursday; he did a FABULOUS job! Beautiful work. Nicholas loves it."

They were also kind enough to send us photos:

Electric trike conversionElectric trike conversion


Offer your customers the best value in electric bike conversion by joining the growing list of E-BikeKit Authorized Dealers! You can fill out the application here.

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