The Inspiring and Creative E-BikeKit Owner's Group

The new Electric Bike Kit Owners group on Facebook has taken off within the first week of its creation. Around 400 people have joined the online group with new members being added every day. E-bike riders are sharing the various ways that they have converted their bikes using the E-BikeKit Complete Electric Bike Conversion System.

Each one of the electric bike conversions is more unique than the next. Some e-bike converters have added flashy lights, flags, and other features to make their electric bikes fit their personalities. One electric bike conversion kit was even used to build a three-seat electric bicycle dressed as a bunny.

E-Bike with lights

Side-By-Side electric trike with dogs

E-Bike kit Trike at Burning Man

Other uses for the e-bike conversion kits have been for more practical reasons. One rider converted his bike using our electric bike conversion kit to maneuver around New York City and Central Park. Another person converted his bike so he could ride along and enjoy the outdoors with his handicapped daughter.

tandem trike conversion system

Our riders’ creativity has truly inspired us at E-BikeKit, and we genuinely look forward to each new post. We can’t wait to see what electric bike conversions they come up with next!

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