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Electric Bike Kit News & How-Tos


“As an eco-friendly consumer and a baby boomer myself I know the value of the electric bike for those in my generation. Growing the company through the education and expansion of our authorized dealer network and a focus on boomers like myself are what I see as keys for successful growth.

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Mike is a partner and adviser to Electric Bike Technologies. Mike has been a professional investor and salesperson in the financial sector for the past 20 years. “It’s a great space to be in and and I believe there is a lot of upside potential”

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Glenn is in charge of all wheel building activities at E-BikeKit and oversees quality control on wheels built in the Newportville, PA location. Since joining E-BikeKit in early 2010 Glenn has had a huge impact on the success of the company.

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Mark believes that individual consumers can make a difference in the world with the choices they make. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are three words Mark uses to guide his own lifestyle decisions and is part of the reason he is excited to be part of the E-BikeKit organization.

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“In 2008, I discovered that electric bikes existed, and an entire new world opened up for me. Within days of getting my first hub motor kit, I was commuting 30 miles a day to work, about 3 days a week on average.”

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