Dan E. e-BikeKit Reviews

Dan has a lifetime of experience with bicycles and is a hands-on expert when it comes to converting bicycles to electric.

Dan is the person you will most likely converse with on live chat. He can assist with diagnosing any issues and he is more than happy to enlighten those who ask on almost any topic related to electric bikes. Dan has been riding electric bikes almost daily since 2008 and has more hours talking about and riding electric bikes than any other person at Electric Bike Technologies.



“In 2008 I discovered that electric bikes existed, and an entirely new world opened up for me. Within days of getting my first hub motor kit, I was commuting 30 miles a day to work, about 3 days a week on average. I was hooked, loving being able to ride the distances I used to ride when younger and stronger. Soon I had six e-bikes, one for each purpose. Some were commuters, some for dirt riding, one for long-distance touring and cargo hauling, and another went 50 mph on a race track in Tucson. I stopped counting miles at about 10,000 miles. At least 8,000 miles were ridden with the E-BikeKit direct-drive motor and controller.”