Mark Mahoney - Marketing Manager at Electric Bike Technologies

With over a decade of experience as an advertising executive, Mark is certain that the market will accept the electric bike and is here to make sure it happens. Mark has an impressive list of former clients in industries like pharmaceuticals, convenience stores, community banks, floor coverings, visitors’ bureaus, resorts and Location Based Services (LBS).

When he’s not on Facebook, tweeting or learning how to leverage the latest viral marketing techniques, Mark can be found hiking, biking or paddling around the Lambertville area. He’s recently discovered firsthand the pleasures and pains of adventure racing (or maybe it’s the pleasure in the pain) and plans on working his way from a novice sprint racer to a serious competitor.

Mark believes that individual consumers can make a difference in the world with the choices they make. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are three words Mark uses to guide his own lifestyle decisions and is part of the reason he is excited to be part of the E-BikeKit organization.

“I’ve seen products come and go but the e-bike conversion system from E-BikeKit is here to stay. The value proposition is undeniable and E-BikeKit is on its way to becoming a nationally recognized brand name synonymous with the very concept of LEVs (light electric vehicles).”