Alec Burney - Operations ManagerAlec wants your wheels to be strong and true when they leave our doors, and a well-built wheel will stay that way for years. 

Alec would rather be outdoors, but he comes in to E-BikeKit each day to make sure that you’ve got what you need to make your own outdoor adventures happen. A day when Alec can keep you rolling down the road and enjoying your bike is a day well-spent.

When he’s not in the office, he’s probably riding his bike. Alec has ridden more solo centuries than he can count, competed in 1200KM bike rides and commuted to work by bike for seven years, but hasn’t yet made the leap to electric. He hopes his own legs can carry him for another 40 years before he needs an extra boost.

When the weather is good, he likes to take his home out for a quick spin on the Delaware river. Isle is a 26 foot Bristol sailboat built in 1966, where Alec has lived for the past three years. On a good day he can look out his bedroom window and watch the world slip by at 5 miles an hour!

“Wheels are often the most expensive part of your bike, and without them it’s not a bike at all, so get it done right.”