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LED Volt Meter Kit

LED Volt Meter Kit

  • $28.00

Product Code: LEDVM1

Availability: In stock

  • Easy to Use Voltage Meter
  • EBK 2-prong Battery Connector
  • Anderson's Kit For Other Connections
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Quality Parts
  • World-Class Support

A simple digital volt meter kit.

LED Volt Meter Kit

This is a simple LED volt meter with an e-bikekit 2-prong connector for use with our batteries.

The meter's electronics have been completely potted, making it water resistant, and it does not use batteries for operation. The kit includes a 30" long 2-prong to andersons adaptor cable and an anderson quick-set so that you can connect the meter to all kinds of different batteries.

This volt meter is very useful for testing batteries at home. It will instantly show you the voltage of the battery with high precision, it will not light the display if there no connection or reverse polarity (battery wired wrong) so is useful for testing DIY batteries, the display updates quickly so you can plug it in to a battery during charging to double check that a charger is working, or hook it up to the second cable on your battery or an Anderson's Splitter (for our batteries, get an XLR adapter) and watch for voltage drop to check for a weak battery. With an extra-long cable you could use it to monitor your battery's state of charge during use.

Much simpler than using a digital multimeter with its huge array of settings, internal battery, etc. for those who want to work on their E-Bike without having to learn too much about electronics.


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