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Freewheel Removal Tool

  • $16.00

Product Code: TLSFW1

Availability: In stock

  • For E-Bike axles
  • Freewheel splines
  • Alloy construction
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Quality Parts
  • World-Class Support

A freewheel removal tool with an extra-large opening for fitting over E-Bike axles.

Freewheel Removal Tool for E-Bikes

This Freewheel removal tool has an extra-large (14mm) opening in order to accomodate the large axles found on most E-Bikes.

This will slip over the axle of all E-BikeKit motors and many other E-Bike motors. Once it's in place, use a big crescent wrench to unthread the old freewheel.

Freewheels can be tough to remove sometimes. Putting the tool in a bench vise and using the rim for leverage can help. Always put grease on the new freewheel's threads.


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