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Lithium Battery End Caps Replacements

Original End Cap - for 36v 10Ah and 48v 10Ah batteries - sold from July 2016 - July 2018

This cap has 2 wires leading from the cap.

Discharge plug red (+) and fuse black (-) (battery positive and negative)

See replacement video: 


New end cap with "low voltage switch wires" - sold from July 2018 - present

This cap has 4 wires leading from the cap -

discharge plug Red (+) and Fuse Black (-) -> battery Red + and Black -

and 2 white signal wires from the key switch to the battery

Note For Troubleshooting: The key-switch for this design is a "low current" switch. With the key in the "off" position you will still be able to measure voltage on the discharge, but it will not provide any current, so don't be surprised if you see voltage on your multimeter when the key is off. This is normal.

See replacement video:


Handle (charging plug) side: