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Counterfeit E-BikeKit Systems

Be aware that there are counterfeit E-BikeKits

Due to the recent increase in counterfeit E-BikeKit Systems, we have pulled this page from our website temporarily.

If you were sent to this page by a website trying to sell you an E-BikeKit, hit your "back" button and look carefully at what they are offering you. If they don't have a manual or detailed information for what they are selling you, it might be a knock-off. Still in doubt, look for the E-BikeKit logo on the motor, controller, LCD, and battery.

For support for your genuine E-BikeKit System, please have your original order information ready, and call us at 1-866-882-3245


Authentic E-BikeKit Logos:

E-BikeKit logo on a motor.
E-BikeKit Logo from a 2015 LCD
E-BikeKIt logo from 2015.

E-BikeKit Controller logo from 2017.