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  1. Performance E-BikeKit™<br />No Battery - Front Wheel

    Performance E-BikeKit™
    No Battery - Front Wheel

    • Best for Top Speed and Performance
    • Pedal-Assist & Throttle On Demand
    • Programmable LCD Dashboard

    price, Price: $688.00
  2. Performance E-BikeKit™<br />No Battery - Rear Wheel

    Performance E-BikeKit™
    No Battery - Rear Wheel

    • Best for Top Speed and Performance
    • Pedal-Assist and Throttle-on-Demand
    • Programmable LCD Dashboard

    price, Price: $688.00
  3. E-BikeKit™ Fatbike<br />No Battery - Rear Wheel

    E-BikeKit™ Fatbike
    No Battery - Rear Wheel

    • Purpose Built for Fat Bikes
    • Use Your Own Battery
    • 36v or 48v Battery Compatible

    price, Price: $730.00

Our performance electric bike kits use a 500 wattgeared motor”.  These hub motors do not have multiple internal gears. Instead it’s a planetary gear inside the motor housing that multiplies the torque of a smaller, lighter motor than used in the direct drive hub motors.  The motors still have normal external gears in the rear wheel version of the electric bike kits.

The motor is rated 500 watts. This means that in lab tests, the motor can run at 500w of power infinitely, without damage. But 500w is far from the motors maximum power, when used by a normal cyclist out on the road. Extensive on the road testing shows that our 500w motors easily support 1000w of power, since the motor rarely needs the full 1000w continuously. 

Our electric bike kits come with a 22 amps electronic speed controller that allows about 750w maximum power when the electric bike kits are used with 36v batteries.  The kit develops about 1000w of power when used with a 48v battery.  The electric bike kits will propel an average weight cyclist 20 mph with 36v, and up to 28 mph with 48v. For use of the performance electric bike kits, we suggest a maximum weight of 300 pounds, for rider, bike with motor, and cargo. Performance on steep hills is degraded greatly when the total weight is over 300 pounds.  For heavier bikes and towing trailers, see our Heavy Duty Electric Bike Kits.

The electric bike kits wheels are all hand built here in the USA for maximum quality at reasonable cost. Because the motor diameter is small, the performance electric bike kits are offered in the very small 16” wheel size. 20”, 24”, 26”, 29” and 700c rims are also offered at no extra cost. Because we build all our wheels ourselves, we can build electric bike kits with odd size rims on request, as long as the rims have 36 holes.