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Lead-Acid Battery Wiring Kit

  • $15.00

Product Code: BAT007

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  • Build your Own SLA Battery
  • Easy to use Faston Connectors
  • Includes Jumpers and Cable
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Quality Parts
  • World-Class Support

An easy-to-use DIY kit for assembling SLA battery packs.

E-BikeKit™ Lead Acid Battery Wiring Kit

Makes wiring a Lead Acid battery pack fast and easy. Save money on shipping by buying your deep cycle lead acid batteries locally. Use our wiring pack to quickly and conveniently wire your 12 volt batteries in a series to make a 36 volt or 48 volt e-bike battery pack.


1 x Battery Wiring Harness w/ Anderson Powerpole connectors
3 x Jumper Wires (enough for 36v or 48v)

*Click the thumbnail image above to see a how-to diagram for wiring SLA batteries in series to make 36v and 48v e-bike battery packs from 12v cells.


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