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E-BikeKit™ Programmable LCD Dashboard w/ PAS (pedal-assist)

E-BikeKit™ Programmable LCD Dashboard w/ PAS (pedal-assist)

  • $124.00

Product Code: LCD-KM1

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  • Proprietary Software for use w/ E-BikeKit
  • Displays Speed, Trip Distance, ODO
  • Battery indicator and Assist Setting
  • Programmable with Speed-Limiting Option
  • Customizable PAS Sensitivity Settings
  • For PAS (pedal-assist) Model EBK and ETK
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Quality Parts
  • World-Class Support

LCD Dashboard for use with PAS model E-BikeKits and E-TrikeKits.


Initial Settings
You will need to set your wheel size, motor type, and battery type in order to get an accurate readout on the screen.

1. Press and hold the up arrow and the down arrow at the same time
This opens the settings menu
Navigate the settings menu by pressing the “m” button once to go to the next setting
Change a setting by pressing the up or down arrow to change
Save and close by holding down the “m” button for 3 seconds
2. Navigate to ST3 (wheel size setting) Select your wheel size using the up and down arrows
3. Navigate to ST4 (motor type setting) Select DD-5 for Direct-Drive 500w (“heavy duty”) Select GRD-5 for Geared 500w (“performance” bike)
4. Navigate to ST5 (battery type setting)
Choose your battery: 36-li for 36-volt lithium 48li for 48-volt lithium 36SLA for 36-volt Sealed Lead-Acid 48SLA for 48-volt Sealed Lead-Acid DIY - input your own settings in menu VO0 to VO5


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