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Battery Cable <br />Anderson Powerpole

Battery Cable
Anderson Powerpole

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Product Code: WIRAP

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  • For DIY batteries
  • Easy to use
  • T-250 terminals
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Quality Parts
  • World-Class Support

Universal do-it-yourself connectors for most e-bike battery power cables.

Battery Cable w/ Andersons Powerpole

Standard battery wire harness(pigtail) for connecting a 36v or 48v battery to a controller. There are Anderson powerpole 30amp connectors on one side and SLA tab connectors on the other. This harness can be used with your own battery, no matter the chemistry.

Anderson's is a very common power plug for e-bikes. These cables can also be useful for connecting various batteries to various controllers and chargers - either end can be cut off and spliced to an existing cable, making this a great general purpose power cable.


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