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About us

no About E-BikeKit™ 


In August of 2008 gasoline prices reached all-time record highs in the United States, rising above $4 a gallon. At the same time, the financial industry was shaking the country into a near depression with the now infamous subprime mortgage crisis and the eventual bailouts of the banks by the US government. It was a scary time for the US and many people were looking for ways to survive in this new and uncertain economy. Our founder, Jason Kraft came from a Wall Street job and was looking for a new career; one he could believe in. While driving home from the office, he hears this story on the radio. That weekend, the E-BikeKit company was started. Since then the company has gone through some changes, but the mission has stayed the same; deliver the best experience in electric bike conversion.


Jason Kraft

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Jason founded the company and has been building the E-BikeKit brand for the past 6 years. A passionate entrepreneur, he started his first company in 2004. After an 11 year career in finance, Jason officially left "the corporate world" in 2010 to concentrate on E-BikeKit™ full-time. Under Jason’s leadership, the Electric Bike Technologies company and E-BikeKit brand have gained impressive market share in the electric bike industry. In 2015 Jason remains focused on the original E-BikeKit company mission; to deliver the best electric bike conversion experience possible.

When Jason is not in the office, he is likely spending time with his family riding the canal path from Washington Crossing, PA to Frenchtown, NJ.

“Most Americans associate bicycles with exercise. We want to show people that an electric bicycle is a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation. The majority of Americans still can’t comprehend commuting by bike; they don’t see a bicycle as a viable means of getting from point A to point B. But get them to ride an electric bike just once, and they immediately “get it”; the next thing you know they’re thinking about the best way to get their kids to school using a cargo bike. That’s what we love to do here, change attitudes and improve lives.”

Brian Fitzpatrick

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With over 30 years of professional sales experience and a passion for cycling, Brian brings a level of business acumen to E-BikeKit that ensures we’re laying the groundwork for long-term success. Brian is committed to helping make the most informed decisions that will guide the E-BikeKit product and brand in the right direction.

“As an eco-friendly consumer and a baby boomer myself I know the value of the electric bike for those in my generation. Growing the company through the education and expansion of our authorized dealer network and a focus on boomers like myself are what I see as keys for successful growth. It’s also critical that as a younger company doing business in a lackluster economy that we have the proper financing to deliver a world-class experience for our customers. I’m thrilled to be a part of the E-BikeKit company and I’m here to make sure we make the right business decisions to continue delivering a great product for many years to come”

Michael Shannon

self portrait

Mike is a partner and adviser to Electric Bike Technologies. Mike has been a professional investor and salesperson in the financial sector for the past 20 years.

“It’s a great space to be in and and I believe there is a lot of upside potential”



Alec Burney

self portrait

Alec wants your wheels to be strong and true when they leave our doors, and a well-built wheel will stay that way for years. 

Alec would rather be outdoors, but he comes in to E-BikeKit each day to make sure that you’ve got what you need to make your own outdoor adventures happen. A day when Alec can keep you rolling down the road and enjoying your bike is a day well-spent.

When he’s not in the office, he’s probably riding his bike. Alec has ridden more solo centuries than he can count, competed in 1200KM bike rides and commuted to work by bike for seven years, but hasn’t yet made the leap to electric. He hopes his own legs can carry him for another 40 years before he needs an extra boost.

When the weather is good, he likes to take his home out for a quick spin on the Delaware river. Isle is a 26 foot Bristol sailboat built in 1966, where Alec has lived for the past three years. On a good day he can look out his bedroom window and watch the world slip by at 5 miles an hour!

“Wheels are often the most expensive part of your bike, and without them it’s not a bike at all, so get it done right.”

Dan Erhard

self portrait

Dan has a lifetime of experience with bicycles and is a hands-on expert when it comes to converting bicycle to electric. 

Dan is the person you will most likely converse with on Live Chat. He can assist with diagnosing any issues and he is more than happy to enlighten those who ask on almost any topic related to electric bikes. Dan has been riding electric bikes almost daily since 2008 and has more hours talking about and riding electric bikes than any other person at Electric Bike Technologies.

“In 2008 I discovered that electric bikes existed, and an entire new world opened up for me.  Within days of getting my first hub motor kit, I was commuting 30 miles a day to work, about 3 days a week on average.  I was hooked, loving being able to ride the distances I used to ride when younger and stronger.  Soon I had six ebikes, one for each purpose.  Some were commuters, some for dirt riding, one for long distance touring and cargo hauling, and another went 50 mph on a race track in Tucson.   I stopped counting miles at about 10,000 miles.  At least 8000 miles was ridden with the E-bikekit direct drive motor and controller.”

Mark Mahoney

self portrait

With over a decade of experience as an advertising executive, Mark is certain that the market will accept the electric bike and is here to make sure it happens. Mark has an impressive list of former clients in industries like pharmaceuticals, convenience stores, community banks, floor coverings, visitors’ bureaus, resorts and Location Based Services (LBS).

When he’s not on Facebook, tweeting or learning how to leverage the latest viral marketing techniques, Mark can be found hiking, biking or paddling around the Lambertville area. He’s recently discovered firsthand the pleasures and pains of adventure racing (or maybe it’s the pleasure in the pain) and plans on working his way from a novice sprint racer to a serious competitor.

Mark believes that individual consumers can make a difference in the world with the choices they make. Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are three words Mark uses to guide his own lifestyle decisions and is part of the reason he is excited to be part of the E-BikeKit organization.

“I’ve seen products come and go but the e-bike conversion system from E-BikeKit is here to stay. The value proposition is undeniable and E-BikeKit is on its way to becoming a nationally recognized brand name synonymous with the very concept of LEVs (light electric vehicles).”

Glenn Silvasy

self portrait

Glenn has over 15 years of experience building bicycle wheels and has worked for and with the local cycling community in the Philadelphia area for the past 20 years. Glenn is in charge of all wheel building activities at E-BikeKit and oversees quality control on wheels built in the Newportville, PA location. Since joining E-BikeKit in early 2010 Glenn has had a huge impact on the success of the company by ensuring that every wheel is perfect before shipping.

“A properly laced and tensioned wheel is crucial for any bike and that’s especially important for an electric bike with a hub motor. E-BikeKit has taken the lead in the electric bike conversion kit space and really sets itself apart from the competition by going the extra mile with regard to wheel building.



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