FLEXROUTE Universal Cable Guides and Cobra Zip Ties! title=

As of August 1st, 2015, every E-BikeKit and E-TrikeKit will now include a set (8 x guides and 14 x zip ties) of Flexroute Guides and Cobra zip ties. These items are being added at no additional charge. Packs of these guides and specialty zips are also available for sale in our online shop.


FLEXROUTE Universal Cable Guide 

Designed by Hawken Components and available from Cobra Products Inc, FLEXROUTE® is a universal, durable, and simple cable management solution that secures and protects both the frame and cable. The FLEXROUTE® utilizes the lowest profile nylon cable tie on the market, the Cobra Low Profile Tie. It is easy to install and ready to perform in a wide range of environments. 

The Problem.

In the past, the only option to secure very important and expensive systems, whether it be brake cables on a touring bike or lighting and radio cables on a trophy truck was to use a cheap cable tie. The cable tie, while great for fastening, crushes cable housings and hampers system components, never uniformly secures a cable to a frame, and just doesn't look good.

The Solution.

The FLEXROUTE® is here to provide a universal, consistent, and secure solution that protects the frame and the cable. While it continues to utilize the great fastening capabilities of a cable tie, it goes a step further and flexes around a frame providing uniform traction that a cable tie just can't accomplish on it's own.
Since frames vary infinitely both in shape and size, the idea was to make something that was strong and durable, but able to adapt to a range of frame types and cable diameters. The FLEXROUTE®, which still utilizes the great fastening capabilities of a zip tie,will flex and form around a frame providing uniform traction that a zip tie just can't accomplish on it's own.
The FLEXROUTE XL accommodates cables from 7mm to 9.4mm (approximately 1/4" to 3/8").